Work Groups

Permanent Work groups

  • Any work group larger than 9 members will nominate an Administrative Subcommittee (AdSub) of no more than 5 members to manage the schedule and activities of the whole committee.

  • Any work group can determine its own subcommittee structure beyond the AdSub.

  • Work group will select 1 or 2 point-people for each work group, who will serve on the Executive Committee of Count Me 2020.

  • Executive Committee will be comprised of Michele Silverthorn, the United Way of San Diego County Lead, point-people for each work group, and 5 at-large delegates nominated and selected by the Coalition.

    • Executive Committee Members: Alan Kaplan, Alor Calderon, Ana Ardon, Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez, Blanca Romero, Chris Wilson, Gayle Hom, Laila Aziz, Lori Schellenberger, Margarita Holguin, Michelle Krug, Miguel Hernandez

 1. Strategic Planning & Implementation
     Leads: Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez & Margarita Holguin

  • Outreach Management: work with Strategic Planning committee to develop field outreach plan, oversee overall outreach plan implementation, review possible issues, troubleshoot, manage needs as per reporting schedule.

  • Language Access Plan: develop and write language access plan, find translators into at least top 6 languages, research and provide language needs assessment, write culturally proper materials
  • Training Development (including train the trainer curriculum)
  • Data Evaluation and Targeting: develop a data management plan, work with ACBO to help set up proper structures for reporting, work with data manager to collect data, connect with UWSD to report into SWORD

  • Technology: identify outreach tech needs - what collection system do we use, integrate with existing tech or propose new tech solutions, etc.

  • NRFU Plan for April-Aug 2020 Outreach

Work group members

Meeting agendas & notes

2. Collaboration, Coordination, and Support

  • Coordination: connect with Cities, Counties, State Govts, Fed Census, and other Local and National Census outreach efforts to collect and share best practices

  • Volunteers: plan volunteer recruitment, structure, coordination, and events

  • Recruitment: work to identify and recruit new partners in effort to continually grow the coalition to be broader and more inclusive

  • Outside Support: work with non-gov’t funders to support the existing Count Me 2020 outreach effort, and work to create alternative funding structures for groups not qualified to subcontract directly, or providing other services not covered by the State contract, find ways to support existing plan with supplementary efforts

Work group members

Meeting agendas & notes

3. Communications, Media, Events and Outreach
    Leads: Noemi Duenas & Alan Kaplan

  • Communications/Media: will develop comms plan, will design materials, hire/recommend consultants, collaborate with other Census comms efforts, develop press list and manage media outreach, work with field and tech to create/support Centers and Kiosks.

  • Experiments: focus on proposing creative methods of outreach, develop non-traditional support networks, work with outside creatives and integrate with comms and tech.

  • Events/Location Based Outreach: work with all work groups to plan and manage events, coordinate logistics, help design Centers and Kiosks, set-up volunteer/staff structure for staffing events and kiosks in the run-up to the count and in the follow-up.

Work group members

Meeting agendas & notes

4. Imperial County Special Work group (in conjunction w/ Imperial County LCCC)
    Lead: Miguel Hernandez

  • Special focus on groups working in Imperial County

Work group members

Meeting agendas & notes

5. Subcontractor Evaluation and Selection (Temporary group)

  • Members of this work group must have expertise in community outreach or grantee/partner evaluation.
  • This work group will serve until the final selection of subcontractors and will then be dissolved.
  • This work group will be limited up to 7 members.
  • Members of this work group cannot be employees of US Census or CA Census.
  • Members of this work group can serve as leads or partners on other work groups.
  • Members of this work group must have NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST - so members of this work group cannot be groups applying as direct HTC outreach subcontractors.

 Subcontractor Evaluation and Selection Workgroup’s Role

  • Evaluation: Subcontractor evaluation matrix construction, info collection
  • Review: poll/interview potential subcontractors, create profiles
  • Selection: propose final subcontractors to ACBO, determine and recommend funding levels

Work group members

Meeting agendas & notes


Regarding Work Group Members:

  • Group members have been self selected, please join a work group!

  • Feel free to attend any of the working groups - we cannot do this work without you!

  • Meeting dates and notes will be shared with the entire group and soon on be on the website (along with high level tasks & work group members).
  • It is highly recommended that organizations planning to apply to be a subcontractor participate in the work groups, this will ensure the highest level of participation and engagement throughout our counties and lead to the most accurate count!

  • UWSD is oversight for the work groups, work plans, and final decisions on subcontracts.  

  • Need more info: Strategic Outreach Plan:

  • Other resources:

  • Count Me 2020 Coalition slides and meeting notes

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