Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get funding to do outreach and education to my community? 
Applications for subcontracts has closed. Subcontracts will be announced shortly. We are hopeful that additional dollars will become available. Please contact michele.silverthorn@uwsd.org with questions. 

Where can I get general information or a toolkit to support my community? 
Check out https://www.countme2020.org/materials for materials in specific languages and addressing specific questions. (Info is added often.)



What is the timeline, what day is the Census?
Starting mid-March 2020, each household will receive a letter in the mail informing them of the options for filling out the census questionnaire. That includes online, by phone, or by a requested paper form. Households that do not fill out the questionnaire during the self-response period will be contacted by the USCB during Non-Response Follow-Up.
› March 12-20: Households will receive an invitation to respond online to the 2020 Census. Some households will also receive paper questionnaires.
› March 16-24: A reminder letter will be sent.
› If you still have not responded:
-March 26-April 3: A reminder postcard will be sent.
-April 8-16: A reminder letter and paper questionnaire will be sent.
-April 20-27: A final reminder postcard before the USCB follows up in person.
• USCB enumerators may contact households that submit partially filled-out questionnaires in an effort to obtain complete answers

I have a lot of questions about citizenship, immigration, confidentiality, what should I do?
There are many resources, here are a few
-NALEO Census hotline Census Hotline, English/Spanish 877-EL-CENSO (877-352-3676)
-FAQ Census 101 & Immigration americasvoice.org/blog/2020-census/

If people for someone reason miss the postcard in the mail, is there somewhere they can go (online) to retrieve their unique ID number to fill out the Census?
Individuals will receive 5 mail reminders - there will also be a generic link for people to take the 2020 Census.

How will college students receive their postcards?
College students living off-campus will receive postcards. College students living in university housing will be counted via school records.

How are international students counted?
All individuals should be counted where they live. If an international students is living in San Diego County on April 1, 2020 we want to count them.

For people who are bed-bound at home and can’t get up to log-in online or even fill out a paper form, how will they be counted?
Individuals living in hospital, hospices, transitional housing, military, etc will be counted during Group Quarters enumeration from January - March. Individuals who cannot fill out the 2020 census should request assistance from a family member or trusted individual. People can also call to take the questionnaire via phone.

How will people in hospitals be counted? 
Individuals living in hospital, hospices, transitional housing, military, homeless, etc will be counted during Group Quarters enumeration from January - March.

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